I have always been creative and found great passion in making objects with my hands. It made sense that I fell into jewellery and metals where I could embrace this love of handcrafting. I see jewellery making as being as much about the creation process as about the final product and love to leave evidence of the handmade in each piece. The brand started from my passion to make, to explore different creation techniques, my love of silver and gold as a medium, and creating small wearable objects of art.

As a child I spent so much time exploring my local beaches; collecting shells, ceramic, glass and other jetsam. Each piece I found was a treasure, whether it was because of its shape, its colour, its texture or its history. The ocean had created something so special and unique just for me, spending months or years rolling it around in its waves and against its shoreline.

 The jewellery I make has a strong focus on organic shapes and textures that are inspired and motivated by my childhood of beachcombing and my local coastal landscape. Each pieces conveys the aspects of the world I finds most intriguing; the worn and faceted surfaces of the rocks and my beachcombed treasures or the glimmer and fluid surface of the ocean. I aim that my pieces are the sand and wave swept objects that wash up along the shore, they are the part of the ocean you carry home with you – each unique and timeless.

I hope you love your jewels just as much as I loved creating them for you.